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La Bestiale Blond 6,2% - 1/3L
In Stock
La blonde légère is a sassy beer with a bright blonde complexion. Fresh and thirst-quenching with its lemon and grapefruit flavors, it nevertheless retains its personality and… bestiality
Dame Jeanne Brut Sur Lie 8.5° - 1/3L
In Stock
The Brut sur Lie starts with hints of apple, pear and pink grapefruit followed by more exotic fruit flavors such as peach and apricot with a typical hop-like aftertaste. The Brut sur Lie is very suitable as an aperitif drink for an intimate dinner at home or as a festive opener during a reception. This fine brut beer will charm both the gentlemen and the
ladies and convince both beer and wine lovers... a real crowd pleaser.
Duvel 6.66 Blond 6.7° - 1/3L
In Stock
Brewed for the 150th anniversary of the brewery with 6 hops
The sunny, warm yellow design of the bottles already suggests it. This Duvel is mild, expressive and deliciously drinkable. No fewer than 6 different hop varieties are used for Duvel 6.66%: just like the classic Duvel, it’s based on the noble and exclusive hop varieties Saaz and Styrian Golding. The flavour is then balanced by adding four expertly selected hop varieties to the mix, which also involves the dry-hopping method.
(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
In Stock
The golden blonde Westmalle Extra is only brewed twice a year, primarily for use within the abbey. Westmalle Extra is the table beer served to the monks and their guests and is brewed with water, barley malt and hop cones. The Westmalle Dubbel and Tripel yeast is also used for this beer. Westmalle Extra is also top-fermented but it is considerably lighter, at 4.8%, alcohol-by-volume than its brother brews. It has the characteristic Westmalle aroma with hops coming through in the finish. It is a real thirst-quencher.
(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Haacht Super 8 Flandrien 6.4° - 1/3L
In Stock
Haacht SUPER 8 Flandrien is a blond beer full of character. The new leader of the SUPER 8 range is a blond beer with a alcohol content of 6,4%, easy to drink and for the go-getters among us.
A leader without a strong team behind him wouldn’t win any prizes. That’s why we’ve surrounded him with spicy team members such as oak, vanilla, coriander and hops like Saaz hop, Belgian hop and herbal and floral hop. Strong seasonings that will delight the real beer lovers.
Belgenius Bio Wheat, Oats & Barley Ale 6° - 1/3L
In Stock
This organic three grain blonde beer combines organic wheat, oats and barley in a unique and refreshing way for a sublime taste. The lightness of wheat, the creaminess of oats and high quality barley are complemented by special hops. The fruity yeast and the bottle conditioning further adds to its final wholesome character.
Baptist Blond 5.2° - 1/3L
In Stock
This beer is brewed at the brewery Van Steenberge. Baptist Blond is a clear beer of high fermentation without secondary fermentation. It is a slightly bitter full-bodied beer with soft aftertaste. 
Baptist was brewed on the occasion of the opening of Bar Baptist in Brewery Van Steenberge and also a tribute to Jan Baptist de Bruyne, founder of the brewery in 1784.
Martha Sexy Blond 8° - 1/3L
In Stock
The "Marha Sexy Blond" is a beer brewed at the " Belgian Brew Factory". Martha was born in the twenties in Heule, a small but picturesque little village in Belgium. Keen on beer, she developed a very unique premium blond recipe for her favorite brew.
Today her savoir-faire  &  tradition  are  very  much  alive  in  her  memory. Not only was she loved by all but she was sexy, crazy, happy, wild, busy and rough.
BDA - Bière Des Amis ( Beer Of Friends) 5.8° - 1/3L
In Stock
Bière des Amis (Beer of Friends) is produced by Brasserie des Légendes. No matter the time or place, there is always a good opportunity to take some time to share a beer with friends. These moments of reunion, without any hassle, enjoying a good beer and telling a few stories from the past or about future projects, are among the simple things that count most….
(4/5) on 1 rating(s)
Gentse Strop 6.9° - 1/3L
In Stock
Gentse Strop 6,9°, from Roman brewery,  owes its name to the proud people of Ghent who are nicknamed “stroppendragers” or noose-wearers. In 1540, the people of Ghent refused to pay an additional war tax, with the result that Emperor Charles V had the ringleaders parade through Ghent with a noose around their necks, as a sign that they deserved to go to the gallows. Still today, the noose continues to symbolise proud resistance against any form of tyranny and misplaced authority. Gentse Strop is a tribute to anyone who feels a sense of pride in their soul.
Ename Pater 5.5° - 1/3L
In Stock
The Ename Pater is produced at Roman brewery. The brewers were inspired for this special, cloudy abbey beer by how the monks of old used to brew small amounts of beer for their own consumption. After all, the Fathers are entitled to a tasty glass of beer to quench their thirst too. But aware of their obligations as they were, they created a version with less alcohol. This allowed their minds to stay clear for work and prayer. Fortunately, the lower alcohol content had no effect on the characteristic abbey beer flavour.
Leffe Blond 0,0% - 1/3L
In Stock
Leffe Blond 0,0% produced by Ab-Inbev is delivered worldwide. This beer is the very first completely alcohol-free abbey beer in Belgium. The taste of an alcohol-free beer like Leffe Blond 0.0% is authentic and qualitative thanks to a unique alcoholization technique developed by the brewers of the AB InBev brewery.
(5/5) on 2 rating(s)
Goliath Blond 6° - 1/3L
In Stock
Brewed at Brasserie des Légendes (brasserie des Géants), the Goliath Blond is a nice ale sweet and sweet maltée that we suggest you taste with pleasure. The Goliath is a blond beer with a pretty golden robe and a fine but persistent foam cap. The beautiful blonde par excellence.
Rasta Trolls 7° - 1/3L
In Stock
Developed in 2018 by Dubuisson brewery, the Rasta Trolls is a special version of Cuvée des Trolls enriched with natural aromas of brown rum.
The beer comes in a green bottle and is ultra-refreshing. It’s the ideal beer to enjoy as an aperitif, after work or in the evening. In short, this is the perfect beer to help you relax. Rasta Trolls has an alcohol percentage of 7%. Do not worry, beer happy
Gouden Carolus UL.T.R.A. 3.7° - 1/3L
In Stock
This beer produced by Het Anker brewery is delivered worldwide. Gouden Carolus UL.T.R.A. combines the ultimate taste experience with reduced alcohol for greater enjoyment. This Belgian ale is deliciously smooth and slightly spiced with a dry aftertaste.
Super NoAH 4,9° - 1/3L
In Stock
This beer is brewed by Verzet Brewers. This distinctive blonde beer is a plea for Belgian hops. NoAH stands for "No American Hops". The finest hops, all grown in Belgium, were selected for this beer to obtain a firm but pure bitterness and a noble hop aroma. 
Curtius SMASH 6.2° - 1/3L
In Stock
Brasserie C is located in the heart of Liège. Smash beer for "Single Malt And Single Hop". With a single malt and a single hop, Smash {C} offers a bouquet of very intense fruity flavors and a low bitterness, which makes it unique in the actual beer landscape. 
Leffe d'Eté - Summer 5.2° - 1/3L
In Stock
The Leffe d'été, is the lastest creation of AB-Inbev Brewery. Refreshing and elegant, Leffe d'Été reveals an aromatic bouquet marked by fruity and slightly spicy notes
(3/5) on 2 rating(s)
Belgium PEAK Blond 6° - 1/3L
In Stock
A highland beer, the blond Peak is our core beer. Refreshing and easy going thanks to the subtle dry hopping, you will find hints of lemon and orange and the aroma of flowers. This beer is the ideal aperitif companion but can also be enjoyed into the evening…
De Ranke Simplex 4.5° - 1/3L
In Stock
De Ranke Simplex is delivered worldwide. Despite Simplex being an ale, it has all the characteristics of an old-styled pils. It is a blond, unfiltered, unpasteurized, hoppy and bitter beer that remains low in alcohol. Resulting in a straw blonde, highly drinkable beer with plenty of flavor and character.
Pauwel Kwak Keg 6L For PerfectDraft
In Stock
Share one of Brasserie Bosteels's best-loved beers with company with this exclusive Kwak 6-litre PerfectDraft keg Kwak beer is an amber Belgian Strong Ale wearing a superb white off-white foam.....
Tripick Blond 6° - 1/3L
In Stock
Tripick 6° is a blond beer with 6% alcohol. This beer has been fermented in the bottle and contains less alcohol and bitterness than Tripick 8, making it a more accessible and softer beer. Tripick 6 has a rich and subtle aroma with a lovely creamy layer of foam.
Kompel Bovengronds 6° - 1/3L
In Stock
Kompel Bovengronds 6° - 1/3L - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.
De Ryck Special 5.5° - 1/3L
In Stock
De Ryck Special 5.5° - 1/3L - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.
Bootjesbier 7° - 1/3L
In Stock
Bootjesbier 7° - 1/3L - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.
Boelens Waaslander 6° - 1/3L
In Stock
Boelens Waaslander 6° - 1/3L - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.
Triporteur From Heaven 6.2° - 1/3L
In Stock
A heavily hopped beer brewed using home-baked malt. Triporteur From Heaven is the modern version of traditional hopped ale. It is a heavenly beer brewed with home-baked BOM malt. The wheat malt in the unfiltered beer can produce a light cloudiness. The taste of Heaven remains evolving in the bottle.
Scheldebrouwerij Krab 5.2° - 1/3L
In Stock
Scheldebrouwerij Krab 5.2° - 1/3L - delivery worldwide - is brewed at Scheldebrouwerij. Its a refreshing amber ale with a malty body, sharp and crisp flavour and a fruity aftertaste is a must for every thirsty drinker. A subtile spicy aroma and a very startling bitterness make Krab a characteristic but flexible barley beer.
Rebelse Strop 6.9° - 1/3L
In Stock
Rebelse Strop 6.9° - 1/3L - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.
Dunekeun Blond 6.2° - 1/3L
In Stock
Dunekeun Blond 6.2° - 1/3L - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.
Ter Dolen Armand 7° - 1/3L
In Stock
Ter Dolen Armand 7° - 1/3L - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.
Bux Blond 6.5° - 1/3L
In Stock
Bux Blond 6.5°is delivered worldwide. Beautiful carbonation that gives a perfect foam collar. The yeast tickles the nose and makes you long for a drink. The taste is slightly mature with a nice soft bitter aftertaste that lingers for a while and makes you crave for more.
Bux Amber 6.5° - 1/3L
In Stock
Bux Amber 6.5° is a golden beer with a refined head. The flavor is characterized by hints of caramel, toffee and biscuit. Bux Amber has a good balance between the malt and the bitterness of the hops. The sparkle contributes to a pleasant mouth feel. The sweetness nicely flows out without being sticky.
Torpah 90 6° - 1/3L
In Stock
Torpah 90 6° - 1/3L - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.
Silly IPA Green Killer 6.5° - 1/3L
In Stock
The Green Killer IPA (India Pale Ale) from Silly brewery is a well-hopped beer with quite a high rating on the bitterness scale. Its powerful aromas include touches of citrus and spice. In the rather dry finish, the malt comes to the fore beautifully.
La Rouge-Croix 7.5° - 1/3L
In Stock
La Rouge-Croix 7.5° - 1/3L - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.
La Chinette 6° - 1/3L
In Stock
La Chinette 6° - 1/3L - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.
In Stock
MAGNUM BIG CHOUFFE 8° - 1.5L - delivery worldwide - La Chouffe and its famous goblin in a bottle big enough to share with several other people!  The Big Chouffe Edition is the Magnum version of the famous blond beer La Chouffe.