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Belgian Food Grocer Online

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  • Dairy
  • For Tartine
  • Sugars

    Belgian Sugars Shop Online

    Who does not know in the world the famous "Tirlemont" sugars: pearl sugars, sugar cubes, brown sugar, .... And candico syrup?

    We have grouped them here for you! So, do not hesitate, do not resist!

  • Sauces

    Belgian Sauces Shop -  D&L - La William

    Mayonnaise and ketchup are the sauces traditionally eaten with fries in Belgium. Friteries and other fast-food establishments tend to offer a number of different sauces for the fries and meats, including aioli and sauce Americaine but also much more elaborate varieties, including Béarnaise sauce. There are frequently over a dozen options, and most are mayonnaise-based.

  • Soups

    Belgian Soups Shop

    Pause is the key to success!

    To work well, the break is sacred! Learning to take breaks is not always easy.

    You have to dare to say, "Come on, I'm taking a break."

  • Chips

    Belgian Chips Shop

    You will find in this section, a large selection of chips: Lays, Smith, Tuc, Crac-a-Nut ..... Everything to succeed your evenings with friends, or simply, everything to succeed your moments of relaxation.

  • Confectionery
  • Biscuits

    Belgian Biscuits Shop Online

    Belgium is mainly known for its quality beers, its inimitable chocolates, its succulant waffles, its delicious sauces, .... but what about its biscuits? Certainly in the best in the world ..... and often imitated, but never equaled: Delcare, Desobry, Lotus, Lu, Jules Destrooper ... Do not hesitate, buy them quickly.

  • Coffee

    Belgian Coffee Shop Online

    People enjoy beer, wine, lemonade, but also ... good coffee. And in Belgium, there are many brands of coffee. So you can buy in our store the best Belgian coffees: Graindor, Jacqmotte, Douwe Egberts, ....

  • Pastry

    Belgian Pastry Shop

    Belgium is renown for producing some of the best chocolate in the world, but the Belgian sweet spot extends to so many more top Belgian desserts, cookies and candies.

  • Drinks
  • Pancakes

    Belgian Pancakes Shop

    In Belgium we make these a lot at many occasions such as childrens birthday parties, family gatherings,carnivale afternoon treats and on the 2nd of November on All Souls' Day but hardly ever for breakfast. 

    We also have a slightly different taste in toppings, ranging from jams over white granulated sugar, medium brow sugar, the very dark sugar, honey, fruits or even Nutella chocolate paste. 

  • Belgian Fries

    Belgian Fries Shop

    Frites or frieten became the national snack and a substantial part of several national dishes in Belgium, such as Moules-frites or Steak-frites. Belgian fries are cooked twice, generally salted and are often served with mayonnaise or ketchup or many other sauces.

  • Nougat

    Belgian Nougat Shop

    Our nougat is made exclusively from natural products and contains no preservatives in any of the variety of flavours. Production begins with a mixture of sugar and glucose syrup, which is brought to a high temperature and to which honey is added for certain types of nougat such as Montélimar nougat. This mixture is then incorporated into egg whites or milk protein (depending upon the type of nougat) that have first been beaten to form stiff peaks. Once this has been achieved, we add a certain percentage of almonds, pistachios or candied fruits, depending upon the type of nougat being made. This unctuous mixture is then poured onto a thin, unleavened paper and is covered with another layer of the same paper. It is then cut and packaged according to the wishes of our clients. Our expertise and the strict use of traditional methods, combined with modern technology, allow us to produce different varieties of nougat, already enjoyed in many countries.

  • Belgian Pasta

    Belgian Pasta Shop Online Soubry

    Soubry is a 100% Belgian family business. His passion for pasta has been passed on from father to son since its creation in 1921. And today, more than 400 employees share this passion within the company. Soubry is the only pasta manufacturer in Belgium.

  • Ready Meal

    Ready Meal from Belgium

    Our category "Ready Meal" will allow you to re-discover some popular dishes in Belgium. Thanks to these products, you are not ready to forget the "small" Belgium

  • Snack Appetizer

    Snack Appetizer

  • Couque de Dinant

    Genuine Couque de Dinant

    The Couque de Dinant is an extremely hard, sweet biscuit native to the southern Belgian city of Dinant in Wallonia.

    Due to their extreme hardness and fairly large size, couques de Dinant are not intended to be bitten into directly. 

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