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Geuze Lambic Fruits

At 400 years old, Lambics have been in production longer than any other commercially brewed beer. They are brewed in Brussels is much the same way as they have been since the 16th century. Lambics are unique among other beers in that they rely on spontaneous fermentation to brew. Yeasts aren't added into the kettle like other beers, the nfermented brew is instead run into an open copper tank that is stored in the attic of the brewery. The windows are left open to allow the brew to cool. This is where the wild, airborne yeasts interact with the beer. Later, it is stored for up to three years in wooden barrels, compounding the process and giving lambics their completely unique and unforgettable flavor and body. This unique brewing style also leads to a unique drinking experience. Lambic bears little resemblance to most beers you have probably tasted. Crisp, earthy, dry, tart, sometimes bordering on downright sour. Unblended lambics are a rarity. Usually, lambics are blended with fruity flavors to make them more accessible. Remember, though, not all fruit beers are lambics.

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