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Belgium is known for its beers, its chocolates, its waffles, its fries, its speculoos, .... but also, and more and more, for its whiskeys !! We offer here some excellent whiskeys

Delirium GIN 42% - 70CL
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Delirium Gin 70cl comes from the Delirium brewery which has made a name for itself over the years with its delicious specialty beers. With this expression of gin, the brand shows that it can do more than just brew beer. This striking bottle resembles a kettle and it is known that in terms of ingredients, this gin has at least Delirium Tremens beer as a base, which undergoes further distillation. Juniper berries are added later, as well as a mixture of other plants whose composition is a closely guarded secret.
Carolus Single Malt Discovery Box
This special Golden Carolus Discovery gift box is a wonderful gift for beer and whiskey lovers. This box contains 4 bottles of Gouden Carolus Tripel and a 20cl bottle of Gouden Carolus Single Malt. Both products have the same basic recipe and are therefore closely related.
To complete the experience, there is a matching glass in this box for beer and whiskey.
BELGIAN OWL Single Malt 36 months - 46° - 50 CL
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Without any doubt, the key words here are freshness, nesse and précision. The delicate tones of roasted oak and toffee melt into the fruity signature of Belgian Owl: conférence pear, muscat, crystallised angelica and apple jam. 
Gouden Carolus Single Malt 46° - 70cl
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Gouden Carolus Single Malt is a refined whisky distilled from the mash of Gouden Carolus Tripel beer. A first for Belgium are the hand hammered, copper pot stills, in which the pure mash is distilled. The result is a pure and clear distillate.
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Lambertus 10 YEARS, 40° - 70cl
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Lambertus 10 YEARS, 40° - 70cl is delivered worldwide. Lambertus 10 Years Single Grain Whisky matured for 10 years in oak casks was created in memory of Lambert Radermacher, one of the founders of the distillery. Its unique and splendid richness is due to the perfect harmony between the malt, the fine grain and the subtle note imparted by the oak.
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