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We are happy to welcome you at our e-shop. You can find here most of the products Belgium is famous for in the whole world: beers, chocolates, waffles, speculoos, Devos Lemmens sauces, pancakes, cheeses, cuberdons,..... With more than 2,000 items available at our site, we hope you will enjoy your visit to BelgianShop and, eventually, will not resist the temptation to obtain these Belgian riches for yourselves or your family, friends, relatives....

Our Cheeses

Our Cheeses!

Of course, Belgium has a lot of nice beers. And let’s not forget about their chocolate. But when it comes to other products, Belgians are often too humble....

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Our Beers

Our beers!

We propose actually more than...1.250 beers from 160 Belgian breweries. Certainly the most complete Belgian beers Shop in the world!

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Our Chocolates

Our Chocolates!

Belgium is also the country of...the chocolates. You'll find in our shop chocolates from Côte d'Or, Jacques, Galler..

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BelgianShop is the only online shop offering beers from ALL the Trappist Abbeys.

Our services have been available to the Internet surfers of the whole world since… 1998! Such a long history is a good evidence of the reliability of our enterprise..

BelgianShop delivers the ordered products to any part of the world within the shortest delays.

BelgianShop offers also a 100% secure web site, which means that from the moment you enter the online shop till you leave it you find yourselves in an absolutely secure area. BelgianShop works in strict compliance with PCI security norms and TrustWave and Ogone directives.

This proves once again that satisfaction and security of the customers are the priority for BelgianShop.

We wish you a very pleasant shopping at our web store and hope you will bring your friends and relatives to BelgianShop next times you visit it.

BelgianShop is a Belgian company based at Verviers. We guarantee the freshness of all our products .We ship globally since .. 1998!! and it doesn't take generally more than a few days to receive AT YOUR DOOR ( or at your office), the articles purchased. With more than 9.200 customers during the last 3 years, we can say that BelgianShop is a reference regarding the Belgian beers in the world!

Welcome and enjoy!

We hope sincerely that you'll appreciate our services

BelgianShop Team


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