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Merci Chocolate 250 g - Chocolate Gifts -
  • Merci Chocolate 250 g - Chocolate Gifts -

Merci Chocolate 250 g

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Merci chocolates are the finest assortment of European Chocolates that will just melt in your mouth. Each box of Merci Chocolates has 7 varieties of rich European Chocolates, 20 individually wrapped pieces. If you are a chocolate lover these little gourmet candy bar are for you. You will think you died and went to chocolate heaven.

1. Milk Chocolate – Solid Milk chocolate at its smooth, creamy European best.

2. Coffee and Cream – Rich coffee flavored dark chocolate atop a white chocolate base.

3. Hazelnut-Almond – Delicious pieces of hazelnuts and almonds in a smooth milk chocolate.

4. Hazelnut-Crème - Milk chocolate filled with a smooth, creamy hazelnut crème.

5. Dark Cream- Smooth, rich melt in your mouth dark chocolate.

6. Cream Truffle – Smooth Dark chocolate with a creamy chocolate truffle center.

7. Praline-Crème – Luscious Milk Chocolate with a smooth chocolate praline center.

I don’t know about you, but my mouth is watering. These Merci chocolates make great Christmas presents birthday gifts or just to have in a candy dish.

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