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  • Cote d'Or

    Côte d'Or ChocolatesCôte d'Or is a producer of Belgian chocolate currently owned by Kraft Foods, the second largest food company in the world after Nestlé, formerly owned by the Philip Morris Companies Inc., now known as Altria Group. Côte d'Or was originally created by Charles Neuhaus in 1883,[1] a chocolate manufacturer who created the name Côte d'Or (French for Gold Coast) referring to the old name of contemporary Ghana, the source of much of the cacao beans used in chocolate manufacturing.

  • Jacques-Callebaut

    Jacques Callebaut ChocolatesAntoine Jacques founded the JACQUES chocolate factory in 1896. Its purpose was to make chocolate, confectionery and gingerbread. Several similar industries existed in Verviers thus providing specialised workers. The head office, rue des Fabriques in Verviers, employed 43 workers. Antoine Jacques had been previously associated with Jean-Joseph Hardy who was also a local chocolate maker.....

  • Meurisse

    Meurisse - Côte d'Or ChocolatesMeurisse invented chocolates called ‘Meurisse Zero’ - chocolate-bars with a filling especially made for storing in the fridge that even tasted greater cooled then at room temperature - which is quite extraordinary for chocolate.

  • Galler

    Galler ChocolatesTaste Galler's delicious Belgian chocolates and you will know why. A company founded by chocolate craftsman Pierre and Jean Galler more than 27 years ago, Galler is driven by a passion for chocolate, pride in perfection, and constant creativity. The result is wonderful Galler chocolate that is both delicious and fun, in the Galler Belgian chocolate tradition.

  • Nestlé - Galak

    Nestlé Galak ChocolatesWhite chocolate is an ivory white confectionery produced from cocoa butter. It also contains dairy products, sugar, lecithin, and aromas but no cocoa, unlike other chocolates. Cocoa butter is also used in other chocolates to stay solid at room temperature but melt in the mouth.

  • Guylian

    Guylian ChocolatesGuylian creates all its great tasting chocolates with only the finest Belgian chocolate, originating from an exceptional blend of West African cocoa beans that meet our high demands. The cocoa beans must be produced and sourced in a sustainable way and the manufacturer must guarantee absolute food safety while helping to improve the lives of the cocoa farmers they purchase from.

  • Chocolate Gifts

    Belgian Chocolates GiftsSurprise someone with exclusive gift ideas.

    The Belgium chocolate makers swear to the old Belgian tradition of top of the range ingredients and only work with the original recipes. Their creations are appreciated in all parts of the world and satisfy the sweet tooth of chocolate lovers in the USA, Canada, Europe, China, Japan and Australia.


    Godiva Chocolatier (/ɡəˈdaɪvə/; French pronunciation: ​[gɔdiva]) is a Belgian-based international chocolate maker[2][3][4] which is owned by Turkish conglomerate Yıldız Holding[5]

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