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Corné Port Royal is a brand of Belgian chocolate, manufactured by the company Vanparys and distributed under the brand name.

In 1932, Maurice Corné opened in Brussels a chocolaterie specializing in pralines, called Corné Côte de France. In 1966, the brand bought Corné Barrière, a company founded in 1946 by Joseph Corné, Maurice1's brother.

In 1977, the company decided to move to Istanbul and sell its Brussels activities. These became Corné Port-Royal, are bought by the chocolate Mondose, another figure of Belgian chocolate.

In 1990, the brand was bought by Vanpary Chocolates, specializing in pralines. The current company has 35 stores worldwide, mainly in Belgium and France2.

Corné Port-Royal produces more than 80 varieties of chocolate, including praline chocolates, cream chocolates, ganaches, giandujas and marzipans.

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