List of products by brand Soubry

Created in 1921, this Belgian company has progressively acquired a key position in the international market for pasta, flour, semolina, rusks and other derived products.

The Soubry brand is based on this qualitative policy. Synonymous with quality, safety and trust, Soubry is the most famous pasta brand in Belgium. Its diversity is based on more than 140 branded items offered in several packaging: Pasta, flour, rusks , Culinary help

Soubry Pasta Alphabet 375g
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Produced in Belgium by Soubry company. Pour directly into your cup or plate. Brighten up your soup with the letters for Soubry soup. A pleasure for every gourmet!
Soubry Pasta Penne Regate 375g
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Produced by Soubry company in Belgium, the Penne Regate is ideal for tomato or carbonara sauces. The streaky and hollow texture of Soubry penne mixes perfectly with sauces.
Soubry Pasta Macaroni Cut 375g
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Paste from Belgium produced by Soubry company. Ideal with cheese and ham

Soubry macaroni has a slightly curved and hollow structure that goes perfectly with sauces
Soubry Pasta Cornettes 375g
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Belgian Pasta from Soubry company. Ideal for cold salads or butter

Short, hollow pasta shaped like a little horn. Try Soubry cornettes with a little butter, mascarpone and bacon ... A real treat!
Soubry Pasta Capellini 375g
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Belgian pasta from Soubry company. Ideal for tomato or fish sauces.
Capellini Soubry are part of the classic range of long pasta. This dough is long and fine and goes perfectly with tomato sauces and all types of fish.
Soubry Chinese noodles with eggs 250g
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Ideal for Asian meals.
Belgian product from Soubry company.
The Chinese noodles with Soubry eggs are fine and long. Easy to prepare and delicious in all Asian dishes.