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The chips then produced were named after Croky, the parrot of the family. Since then, the company's mascot has remained a parrot. The company was then bought by the British agri-food company United Biscuits in 19721. The chips were then produced in a factory located in Deventer in the Netherlands until 2005 when the Huyghe family bought Croky through personal capital. Since then, Croky chips have been produced again in Belgium, in Mouscron in the province of Hainaut.
Croky Superfrites paprika 150g
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Croky Superfrites paprika 150g - CROKY Super paprika fries are delicious potato sticks prepared with 30% sunflower oil and paprika flavored. Each package contains 150 gr.
Croky Hula Hoops Paprika 100 gr
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Croky Hula Hoops Paprika 100 gr - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.
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