List of products by brand BONI Selection

Boni Selection is Colruyt Group’s private label. It offers a clever range of products with a good price-quality ratio and enables customers to make good choices easily and efficiently. The products’ modern packaging makes it easy to find them on the shelves. Moreover, the private label promises an added value for each product at the level of sustainability and/or health, quality or flavour. The products are made with respect for people and environment and their quality is impeccable. Boni thus allows people to eat healthy, delicious and sustainable food. Boni Selection was launched in 2013 and has replaced about fifty old private labels since. By gathering them under one name, the group wants to make shopping easier and more efficient for the customers. They can now easily recognise the three distinct brand layers : national brands, private label Boni Selection and the cheapest house brand Everyday. The name Boni has a long history at Colruyt Group since it was the sign of the first independent stores in the fifties. ‘Selection’ was added to point to the private label’s strict quality requirements.
Marzipan 50 % Almonds 250g
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Marzipan from Boni Selection. Marzipan with 50% almonds. For your all preparations dessert, cakes, truffles or as a treat sweet. 250gr
BONI SELECTION Old-fashioned Mustard 350 g
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BONI SELECTION Old-fashioned Mustard 350 g - BONI SELECTION with grain mustard, old fashion. Delicious with cubes of cheese, meat, peas and carrots, etc.