List of products by brand Carlier

For more than half a century, Carlier, a family business, has been making nougat by using the highest quality ingredients, in a wide variety of flavours. It all began in 1949: following the example of his father, a retail confectioner, Rodolphe Carlier decided to embark upon a career in manufacturing nougat, a market relatively lacking in competition compared to other confectionery sectors. Owing everything in the beginning to his skill, the young man was assisted by his wife in producing mainly items to supply the retailers who invaded tourist sites during the summer. Within a short amount of time, however, Rodolphe Carlier succeeded in selling his nougat to wholesalers and in department stores, making it possible for his product to be sold (and bought!) throughout the whole year. The confectioner’s business figures began to rise: in 1975, the team numbered about thirty people and easily produced 400 kilos of nougat per day. In 1972, Michel Carlier (Rodolphe Carlier’s son) joined the company. Today he is Managing Director. In 1986, it became necessary to leave the 300m² workshop in Anderlecht and move into a space three times that size in Ruisbroek. Fifteen years later (2001), due to lack of space and a growth in our activities, we made the decision to build a 3000m² factory in the Saintes industrial estate, in compliance with HACCP standards. Thanks to this new site and the continual growth of our sales in more and more diverse sectors such as the hotel/catering sector and chocolate-making, as well as rigorous efforts towards managing the organisation of our activities, due in part to norms imposed by the European Union and by an ever-more demanding clientele, we have been able to attain a daily production rate of +/- 3500 kilos with a workforce of 25 to 30 people, depending on the time of year.