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Bon Secours Myrtille 7° -1/3L
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Bons Secours Myrtille, delivered worldwide, is produced by Caulier brewery. This unique beer (7 % alc.), that is the result of a maceration of blueberry juice, developed a rather dark red colour, a compact foam and is slightly reddish. In the mouth, it is a dry beer, but contains very little sugar, however the taste of blueberry is very pronounced. 

This product is a "Season Beer"(Usually available in summer).This means it is produced in limited quantities ! We therefore cannot guarantee their availability in our stock. Please do not hesitate to contact to find out is available in our stock.
Bon Secours Amber 8° - 33 Cl
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Brewed at Caulier brewery the Bon Secours Amber beer is delivered worldwide. Bonsecours Amber owes its red colour to a beautiful subtle blend of pale and caramel malts. Its  second fermentation in the bottle gives it its unique flavour. The foam is thick and consistent. The nose immediately reveals a pronounced malt aroma. The taste is dry and develops a long and delicate bitterness accompanied by a slight hoppy taste.
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Bon Secours Blond 8° C - 33 Cl
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This delicious beer, which is the oldest beer in the Caulier brewery, is fermented in the bottle and is not filtered nor pasteurized. It has always been the star pupil at the Caulier brewery. The foam is thick and consistent. The nose offers aromas of malt, hops and a fruity bouquet. In the mouth, it is thick and creamy.
Bon Secours Brune 8° - 33 Cl
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Brewed at Caulier brewery, Bonsecours Brune is a high fermentation beer, unfiltered and unpasteurized. Its foam is generous and creamy. The nose reveals delicate aromas of mocha and hops. When you taste the beer, there is a pronounced bitterness.
Paix Dieu - Pleine Lune -10° -1/3L
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Paix Dieu - Pleine Lune -10° -1/3L - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.
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Paix Dieu Glass
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Paix Dieu Glass - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.