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Paix Dieu - Pleine Lune -10° -1/3L - Special beers -
  • Paix Dieu - Pleine Lune -10° -1/3L - Special beers -

Paix Dieu - Pleine Lune -10° -1/3L

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Paix Dieu - Pleine Lune -10°

Paix-Dieu from Brewery Caulier is Brewed Under the Light of a Full Moon .If you like your beers exotic and unique then you need to check out Paix-Dieu. Paix-Dieu is a beer from Belgian Brewery Cualier that is only made under the light of a full autumn moon.The brewers at Brewery Caulier found that brewing beer under a full moon shortens the fermentation process. The resulting beer is Paix-Dieu, a limited beer with a limited run of only 12,000 bottles. No word on if it will turn you into a werewolf or not. You’ll have to see for yourself October 31st when Paix-Dieu is released to the world. "We made several tests and noticed that the fermentation was more vigorous, more active,” explained Roger Caulier, the third-generation owner of Brewery Caulier, which began in the 1930s. The end product is a finely balanced, gold-colored beer which has 10 percent alcohol by volume and is stronger, with a long lasting flavor

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