List of products by brewery Stadsbrouwerij-Gruut

Gentse Gruut White 5° -1/3L
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Gentse Gruut White 5°is delivered worldwide. This product from Gentse Gruut brewery is very aromatic with a fragant fruity smell and a slightly herbaceous sharpness. The body is light, but soft; Thanks to the spices, the flavors are ‘round’, very fine and complex. The first impression is a spicy dryness, but there is also a slight, creamy sweetness underlying.
Gentse Gruut Inferno 8.5° - 1/3L
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Gentse Gruut Inferno 8.5° is delivered worldwide. Gruut Inferno is a delicate ale with an intense flavour. It’s golden color and unique flavor makes it popular with all ages. Ultimate serving temperature: 8° - 9°
Gentse Gruut Blond 5.5° - 1/3L
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Gentse Gruut Blond 5.5°is delivered worldwide. Gruut Blonde is cloudy, gently barleyd beer. It has a neutral, light and sweet flavor obtained by a special selection of herbs.
Gentse Gruut Amber 6.6° - 1/3L
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Gentse Gruut Amber 6.6° is delivered worldwide. Gruut Amber Ale has an amazing rich taste, a deep copper colour and a smooth drink-ability and when using the typical open glass, you will see a fabulous head, discover its deep copper color and capture its delicate aroma.