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Since 1997 Meli operates from one of the most modern, party Solar Powered Honey factories in Europe, making honey and honey-based products.
MELI Royal "Couque" Biscuit Honey (10 x 2 tr) 400 g
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MELI Royal "Couque" Biscuit Honey (10 x 2 tr) 400 g - A Royal Meli honey cake is prepared according to the tradition of a delicious family recipe from the flat country. The Meli honey cake expresses all the flavor of artisanal products and good Meli honey. To taste with a butter of lunch, to taste or just for the pleasure.
MELI honey waffles 8 x 1
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MELI honey waffles 8 x 1 - delivery worldwide - A crispy waffle with a soft filling, as it has been baked for centuries on squares and at fun fairs. Meli has its own recipe: with plenty of real butter for a crispy waffle, with honey for a soft filling.

Equally delicious served hot or cold. For a hot waffle: put the waffle on top of a cup of hot coffee or microwave it for just a moment.

A package of 240g contains 8 waffles, each wrapped individually.
Meli liquid honey 450g
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Meli liquid honey 450g - delivery worldwide - Delicious Meli honey, packed in dispenser bottle-type "squeezer
MELI honey 600 g
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MELI honey 600 g - Honey: to prevent, pamper, prepare and care. Meli has a place on your table. Better all your tables. Like the breakfast which will Meli creamy smooth and comforting on health bread. Or on the kitchen table where the liquid honey in their smart dosing bottle gives your dishes a special note and unusual. On your nightstand, Meli honey helps fight effectively against small hassle winter months.
MELI choco au miel 400g
MELI choco au miel 600 g - Choco Meli is considered a specialty. Prepared with real chocolate, fresh milk, honey and sugar, Choco Meli is easy to spread or to dissolve in hot milk. Each pot contains 600 gr.
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