No service
I ordered four beer glasses from this shop. That went relatively well (ignoring the strange behavior of the purchase completion process) and the shipment arrived after about 3 weeks. Unfortunately, one of the glasses arrived shattered. They were packed well and the shipping box was undamaged but these things happen. I immediately contacted the store and submitted pictures and a request for replacement or refund as the site requires. I sent the request both by regular email and by using the shop's web-based contact system. I didn't hear anything back. Over the last 2 weeks I have submitted a total of 6 requests and have not heard one word back from this vendor. My advice to you is to read this and the other reviews and take them seriously. I wish I had. The vendor simply ignores customers. I was planning to give this guy 2 stars but realized that would actually have raised his average rating so I'm going with 1. LOL. Buyer beware!
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Scam and Ripoff
Shame on me for not reading the reviews before ordering. Your deliberate failure to ship the products that were paid for is more than simply criminal. You exemplify the worst kind of business practices. Amazed you are still in business.
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delivery of Westvleteren 12
Just got my delivery of my order of 4 bottles of Westvleteren 12 (not cheap) from the Belgian Shop. I ordered the beer before I saw all the poor reviews, and after my order contacted them of my concerns. Bruno replied quickly considering time zone difference and answered all my questions. The delivery was perfect. Bubble wrapped bottles, popcorn styrofoam as a cushion, all bottles intact.
Had to leave this favorable, lengthy review so people know of my experience.
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Another disappointed customer - is this a scam??
Very disappointed - more than a month later and My order was not even shipped. Emailed multiple times no response whatsoever. Helloooo is this company a scam??
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The negative reviews on here are ridiculous and unfair! We have a pandemic and a backed up supply issue and IMPATIENT people need to realize that shipping can be delayed for various reasons! I just placed an order from Canada and I got my package in 8 days! Also, another friend of mine ordered in the summer and she got her package in 8 days as well! This is SUPER FAST shipping for international and considering what is going on in the world! Also, the shipping is insanely affordable! One website wanted 70.00 in Euros. The shipping here was only $12.50!! The Belgian Shop has EXCELLENT FAST AFFORDABLE SERVICE.
I will be ordering again! Thank you from Canada.
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Poor service
I have been sending several emails without reply. Still waiting for my order confirmation. Try to order your Belgian stuff somewhere else !!!
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Westvleteren Price
Charges double than other sellers for Westvleteren. Look elsewhere.
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Very disappointing customer experience
I placed an order on Aug 2nd. Order was shipped on Aug 9th. Got a tracking number on Aug 13th. Then checked the status of the shipment and found out that the shipment has been rejected in the Belgium custom on Aug 13th. Today is Aug 25th. Sent multiple emails to the customer care but no response at all. Not even refunded the money. All gone! What kind of customer experience is this?
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waiting for my order still
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verry dissapointed with there service it has been more than 1 month and i still havent received my order!!!! i have send many emails with no response!!!!!
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Excellent Service
Ordered a case (24 bottles) of Affligem Blonde in Dec 2020 and it arrived here in the United States in just under 30 days in perfect condition. The outside of the box was wrapped with some plastic cushioning and inside the crate had foam peanuts throughout so every bottle was well protected. Will definitely order again. Thanks!
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order arrived well packaged
For those ordering from the USA, please note it takes time for orders to be shipped. I ordered a case of beer in December and received it perfectly as ordered last week. It was packaged incredibly well. I will order again in the future.
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Just as ordered....arrived safely
I placed my order for 10 bottled beers. They were all delivered safely. They were packaged in a cardboard box with dividers and foam peanuts to keep everything secure. The box was wrapped in plastic just in case. Im happy it made it here to the U.S. Thank you! I will be ordering more!
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Is Anybody There?
Still waiting for my order placed three weeks ago as well as an answer to my two emails requesting its status. No response. And so I have to ask, "Is anybody there?"
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Incomplete order delivered
Well, they don't reply to emails, but they also don't deliver your full order. Or refund you for the missing items.
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Commande non arrivee
J ai passe commande fin Octobre, paiement le meme jour via Paypal, 3 messages envoyes et personne n a repondu. Je me demande où est ma commande ?
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No delivery
ordered in October and the parcel is still being prepared. No-one answers emails and it's now 15 November and the order isn't with me.
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Thank You!!
Just received my shipment today, beer for me waffles for children. Everything was packed great and shipping to Texas was only 2 1/2 weeks. Brings back great memories of Belgium.
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Still Waiting to Recieve Our Order
Aloha! Still waiting to recieve Order BS204083. I Ordered my husbands favorite Beer and we are really looking forward to our shipment to arrive. The one down fall, not recieving a way to track our shipment. Hope to recieve it before end of month, eith fingers crossed.
Shammera S.
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They say "WE SHIP EVERYWHERE" apparently not - I ordered almost a month ago and now I am told it cannot be delivered to me. This was a special birthday gift and I am so unhappy. I would check with them first to see if you can get your order if you are not in there area.
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