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Hauwaart 105 9700 Oudenaarde
Adriaen Brouwer 5° - 1/3L
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From Roman brewery, this brown beer has all the prestige of a tradition and the refinement of fine art of the brewers. So it is certainly a classy beer with a soft and pure taste.
Ename blond 6.5° - 1/3L
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Ename blond 6.5, delivered worldwide , is produced by Roman brewery. The Ename Blonde is a Belgian beer called "Abbey", brewed in high fermentation in Oudenaarde.
It presents in the glass a golden blonde dress and develops a hat of white foam, tight and abundant. The Ename Blonde develops aromas of orange liquor. The taste is fine and balanced. The action of aromatic hops used here is well put forward.
Ename Dubbel 6.5° - 1/3L
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Ename Dubbel 6.5° - 1/3L - delivery worldwide - is produced by Roman brewery. The Ename Double is created for the pleasure of lovers of brown beer. It has a caramelized aroma, grilled malt, bitter chocolate, alcohol and sweet fruit. The aroma of caramel, grilled malt and hops predominates.
Ename Triple 9° - 1/3L
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Ename Triple 9° is a Belgian beer called an Abbey Beer, brewed with top-fermentation by the Roman brewery in Oudenaarde.
It pours a golden blonde colour and develops a white, dense, abundant head. Ename Triple develops fresh, fruity aromas of hops with a trace of malty scents.. It leaves complex flavours on the palate, gentle and strong at the same time, followed by a relatively light bitterness. The effect of the aromatic hops used here becomes very evident.
Ename Cuvee Rouge 7° - 1/3L
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Brewed by Roman brewery, Ename Cuvee Rouge 7° is delivered worldwide. A lovely coppery red colour in the glass. The aroma of this abbey beer reveals traces of malt, chaff and vanilla. Juicy malt, caramel and a hint of fruit brighten up the flavour down to the dry, slightly bitter finish. The Cuvée Rouge, which is re-fermented in the bottle, is definitely something else.
Ename Glass
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Ename Glass - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.
Sloeber 7.5° - 1/3L
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Sloeber 7.5° - 1/3L - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.
Rebelse Strop 6.9° - 1/3L
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Rebelse Strop 6.9° - 1/3L - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.