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Rue de lAbbaye 8 5580 Rochefort
Rochefort Glass
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Rochefort Glass - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.
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Rochefort Trappistes 6 - 7.5°-1/3L
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Rochefort Trappistes 6 - 7.5°-1/3L - delivery worldwide - Brewed by Belgium’s world-famous Abbaye de Rochefort, Rochefort 6 is the lightest of Rochefort’s beers, but no less flavoursome. This rich chocolate-brown Belgian Strong Ale is full of warm orange, apple, strawberry, pear, and banana fruit tones with soft, sweet brown sugar notes that fill the palate with a full body and generous alcohol character that make this sumptuous Belgian Abbaye beer one of a kind.
Rochefort Trappistes 8 -9,2°-1/3L
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Rochefort Trappistes 8 -9,2°-1/3L - delivery worldwide - is a Trappist beer produced by the monks of the Abbaye de Rochefort near Namur, Belgium. Using carefully selected ingredients, Rochefort 8 was originally intended as a Christmas brew, but due to popular demand it is now in constant production, becoming one of the most popular beers in the range.
Rochefort Trappistes 10 - 11,3° - 1/3L
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Rochefort Trappistes 10 - 11,3° - 1/3L - delivered worldwide - is one of the few beers to bear the Authentic Trappist Product label, Rochefort 10 is a classic among Belgian Abbaye Beers. Brewed by the Abbaye de Rochefort, Rochefort 10 remains unchanged since the 1950s.
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Trappist Rochefort MUG
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Trappist Rochefort MUG - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.
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