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Welcome to the Belgian Beers Paradise. More than 1.250 Belgian beers are presented for you !!! Find here the perfect selection of Belgian beers....

With more than 160 breweries represented, we can say that BelgianShop is the "WebShop" of the Belgian beers!!



Belgian Beers Shop Online

Welcome to the Belgian Beers Paradise. More than 1.250 Belgian beers are presented for you !!! Find here the perfect selection of Belgian beers..

With more than 160 breweries represented, we can say that BelgianShop is the "WebShop" of the Belgian beers!!

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Beers Gifts

Belgian Beers Gifts Packs Shop

Beer connoisseurs will appreciate receiving our specially packaged beer gift packs featuring the highest quality selections of classic Belgian craft beers. We invite you to find a gift that suits your particular budget and will give beer lovers a lot of fun in your life. Shop for birthdays or just because you think of them.

Beers Kegs

Belgian Beers PerfectDraft Kegs Shop

Do you like Leffe, Hoegaarden, Stella Artois or Jupiler?

Well, this Perfectdraft beer machine is made for you, your kitchen, your bar ... With more than 20 references of compatible PerfectDraft 6 liter beer kegs, the Perfectdraft is a benchmark beer brewer on this market, thanks to its reliability (Made by Philips), its ease of use, and its storage of drums.


Belgian Beers Vintage Shop Online

You like Belgian beers, but also Belgian beers "vintage" ..... So in this section, nius offer a very large selection of unique bottles, rare, and "vintage". Stock very limited.


Belgian Beers Merchandising Shop

You like some beers. You are proud of these beers. You want to show it? So, do not hesitate, show it. You will find in this section, some particular articles of these breweries.

Tasting Packs

Belgian Beers Tasting Packs Shop Online

Our Tasting Packs collection is an ideal way to discover some of the classics of Belgian beer. Made up of several beers more delicious than each other, let yourself be tempted by our Tasting Packs collection.

With gueuze, kriek, Abbey, Trappist, ... traditional brewers, abbeys and craft breweries, this taste adventure makes it a perfect travel companion, or a great gift.


Using the book " Proverbs - The Brewing Art" containing proverbs, try to put the proverbs in their rightful place on the poster.

Beer Cans

Belgian Beers Cans Shop Online

You will find in this section the famous cans of beer .... Cans are basically like mini-kegs, they’re more shelf-stable. This means that the beer is going to last longer and retain its quality, which means our the customer is very happy. And when our customers are happy, we’re all happy round here.

Grands Formats

Belgian Beers Bottles Large Sizes Shop

Ideal for large family reunions, for parties, for birthdays, ... bottles in "large sizes" will be much appreciated and envied. The "Big Size" beers will be one of the keys to the success of all your parties.

Beer Of The Month

The Beer of The Month Club discovers exceptional brews from Belgium and delivers them each month direct-to-you or your gift recipient. Every selection is produced by 8 different Belgian brewers. It’s the newest way to enjoy craft beers. This beer tasting might be the occasion to share this experience with family or friends. There is no membership fee, no obligation to continue, and you may cancel anytime for any reason. Each monthly shipment includes 8 beers from 8 different breweries. Always Free Shipping !!

Home Brewing

Kits To Start Home Brewing

Want to make your own beer? Getting started is easy with our starter kits. Our ready-to-go kits contain everything you need and will help beginners get started.

And brew and taste more beers with our brewing kits.

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Leffe Ruby 5° - 1/3L
In Stock
Leffe Ruby 5° - 1/3L - delivery worldwide - Fresh, fruity Leffe Ruby by the world-famous Abbaye de Leffe combines classic Belgian Ale tones with vibrant crimson forest fruit notes that permeate the palate with bright berry tones.
Set in a slender ruby body with vivacious carbonation, Leffe Ruby is a spicy, fruity, elegantly refreshing experience that is sure to seduce fans of Fruit Beer and classic Belgian Beers alike.
(5/5) on 2 rating(s)
Leffe Triple 8.4°-1/3L
In Stock
Leffe Triple 8.4°brewed by AB-Inbev, is delivered worldwide. Leffe Tripel is one of the world’s best-loved authentic Belgian Abbaye Tripel beers, packed with warm toffee and fresh bread malt tones, and offset by spicy banana and vanilla yeast.
This classic Triple profile is lifted by sweet caramel and a delicious spiciness that combine with the warming alcohol character to produce a truly exceptional ensemble.
(3/5) on 1 rating(s)
Leffe 9° Rituel 1/3L
In Stock
The Leffe Rituel 9° is a lager full of character brewed by AB-Inbev since 2007. It pours in its Leffe Chalice Beer Glass a beautiful deep gold colour topped by a relatively rich and dense white head. It releases sweet and fruity aromas with scents of peach and citrus fruit along with notes of yeast and hop.
Hints of corn and straw put forward the presence of cereals in the nose. This excellent beer features sweet and fruity flavours while the alcohol timidly expresses itself at the entrance of the mouth.
One will taste white-fleshed fruits and citrus fruit followed by hints of yeast that leave an impression of spices and distinctive notes of cereals. You will also notice the presence of hop that progressively affirms its presence in the mouth and leads to a dry and warm finis.
Leffe brune 6.5°-1/3L
In Stock
Leffe brune 6.5°-1/3L brewed by AB-Inbev is delivered worldwide. Rich, dark and abundantly fruity, Leffe Brune by the Abbaye de Leffe is a quintessential Abbaye Brune beer full of authentic plum and spice notes. Pouring warm chocolate brown beneath a creamy tan head, this classic beer fills the palate with a warming alcohol note and a delicious clove and nutmeg spicing.
(5/5) on 3 rating(s)
Leffe blond 6.5°-1/3L
In Stock
Leffe blond 6.5°-1/3L - is delivered worldwide. Brewed by the internationally renowned Ab-Inbev, Leffe Blonde is one of the world’s best-loved Belgian Pale Ales - as well as one of our all-time best-selling beers - thank to its fruity, spicy, seductively rich character. Brimming with fruity plum and raisin tones, and crusty bread and honey malts, this gold-bodied Belgian Ale breathes warm, seductive banana and clove yeast notes set in an elegantly carbonated golden body, offering unrivalled Belgian Pale Ale satisfaction.