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Bockor Cuvée des Jacobins - 5.5° - 1/3L
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Bockor Cuvée des Jacobins - 5.5° is delivered worldwide. Cuvée des Jacobins is a Lambic-style beer, barrel-aged in oak casks for 18-months, specially brewed for the American market.
This characterful beer by Brasserie Bockor pours red-tinted amber capped by a fine pink head. The bouquet is a mix of malts, caramel, cherry, grape, and dried fruit, all with a woody background note.
Jacobins Kriek MAX 4° - 1/4L
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Jacobins Kriek 4,5° from Omer Vander Ghinste brewery is brewed with beer of spontaneous fermentation (lambic). The perfect combination of 25% natural cherry juices and the lambic, gives the beer not only its excellent taste but also its pleasant scent. Served in its specifically chalice-shaped glass on an elegant base, Kriek Max is the max for the real cherry beer lover! Or serve it with ice cubes in the modern Max On Ice glass! World's Best Kriek In 2011 Kriek Max was voted World's Best Kriek at the WBA (World Beer Awards).
Bockor Brasserie LeFort 8.5° -1/3L
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LeFort, brewed at the Omer Vander Ghinste brewery is a complex, dark beer of 9% alc. vol. with a sweet and fruity touch. The pale and roasted, dark barley malts give the beer a perfect balance. The beer is lightly flavored with chocolate and caramel and the top fermentation gives a slight fruitiness. This results in a dark beer with a completely unique taste.
On the European Beer Star (2014), LeFort wins a silver medal in the category Belgian Style Strong Ale & a gold medal at the World Beer Awards (2017).