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Markt 1 8480 Ichtegem
Ichtegems Oud Bruin 5,5° - 1/4L
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Ichtegems Oud Bruin 5,5°, brewed at Strubbe brewery, is a red-brown West Flemish beer of high fermentation brewed according to an old process with different types of malt. After the main fermentation and the long bearing, a third fermentation in oak barrels follows for 18 months.
The slightly acidic complex beer is then mixed with young, somewhat sweeter, high-fermented beer and results in an excellent and thirst-quenching beer.
Keyte Ostêns Belegeringsbier 7.5° -1/3L
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Keyte Ostêns Belegeringsbier 7.5°is brewed at Strubbe brewery. In 2004, the city of Ostend commemorates the 400th anniversary of the 'Siege of Ostend that took place from 1601 to 1604'.
At the request of the 'Oostendse Bierjutters', a great group of enthusiastic zythologists, this unique beer was created. What would become a one-off brew as a result of the festivities, has become an indispensable icon for Ostend.
The malt of this characteristic, golden blonde triple comes from the French region of Beauce-Gatinais. Together with the added German Munich malt, both provide a full-bodied finish.
A selection of 4 fine hop varieties from Germany, the Czech Republic, Great Britain and Belgium ensures a subtly balanced nose. The careful re-fermentation in the bottle ensures a firm, creamy head.