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Devos&Lemmens Brasil 300ml Squeeze

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Devos&Lemmens Brasil 300ml Squeeze - The sauce Devos Lemmens Brasil is a delicious sauce to taste sweet. Bring the 'Brasil' on your plate with the sauce from tomatoes, pineapple and a subtle blend of spices. Explore the Samba in your chips!

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Devos&Lemmens Brasil 300ml Squeeze

Ingredients: Vegetable oil, sugar, vinegar, pineapple puree, egg yolk, tomato puree, mustard (vinegar, mustard seeds, water, salt, spices), whiskey, water, modified starch, lemon juice, salt, powder Curry, flavorings, preservatives: potassium sorbate, onion extract, antioxidant: E385, coloring: carotenoids.

By on  21 Aug. 2021 (Devos&Lemmens Brasil 300ml Squeeze) :


Thank you for the order. When I visited my family in Brussels in 2019, they took me to try eating a fries with this amazing sauce called Brasil. Ever since then, I couldn't take my mind off it, so I kept researching until I found your company. I wish my US friends tried this sauce. It's something to die for. The blend of the pineapple and the spices is just right. Holy recommended for everyone to try it not just on fries but any of your food it's just right. Thanks.

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