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MAGNUM Goliath Tripel 9° - 1.5L - Grands Formats -
  • MAGNUM Goliath Tripel 9° - 1.5L - Grands Formats -

MAGNUM Goliath Tripel 9° - 1.5L

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MAGNUM Goliath Triple 9°  

The Goliath is brewed according to the traditional method used by our ancestors with the finest malts and hops. With its rich and balanced taste, the triple Goliath is a source of vitality and strength that will delight the true connoisseur of beer. Elected best Belgian Belgian beer wallone 2012 and one of the best Belgian triple beers, according to the professional magazine Vino. 

Goliath is 9% alcohol by volume, a little more red in the face than your average tripel (almost an amber, really), nicely balanced with a bracing hop note versus a solid malt wallop. Goliath is the only Tripel in Belgium that is all-malt – without any sugar or other additives in. (Everyone else uses some sugar to ‘thin out’ their Tripels, which gives them alcohol, without the body that you normally get from malt.) That means Goliath starts out a bit sweeter than some, but over time, as the live yeast in the bottle do their work, it gets drier and more punchy. The first batch, after about half a year in the bottle, is about where we want it, but it will probably become a greater beer as time goes by. We recommend that you check in on Goliath every once in a while.

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