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Graindor MILD moulu 500g - Coffee - Graindor
  • Graindor MILD moulu 500g - Coffee - Graindor

Graindor MILD moulu 500g

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GRAINDOR Mild ground digestible 500g

* Intensity: coffee very soft

* Taste: Mild

* Ground


Graindor is the house brand for the coffees burned by Colruyt Group itself.

Unique in Belgium Colruyt Group is the only Belgian distributor that still roast its own coffee. In our own coffee-roasting house, experts have full control on the production process, the quality and the taste. The expertise in coffee has been passed down since the early years of Colruyt Group, As a result, the brand Graindor has produced a lot of successful coffee blends.

From all corners of the world

Apart from blends, Graindor also traditionally offers an extensive range of pure original coffees; among other things from Guatemala, Ethiopia and Brazil. They are all 100% arabica coffees with unique flavours and aromas characteristic of the region of origin.

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