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Waterloo Récolte Blond 6° - 1/3L - Special beers -
  • Waterloo Récolte Blond 6° - 1/3L - Special beers -

Waterloo Récolte Blond 6° - 1/3L

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Waterloo Récolte Blond 6°

This is a genuine local product, the raw materials of which come from the fertile soil of the plains of Waterloo. The beer captivates the taste buds and requires a strategic approach, but it’s not tricky because it can be discovered via its forefront of malts and wheat followed by its slightly rougher back taste, which is bitter without being invasive. Once conquered, expect setbacks, however, because it is very charming but also cunning: ’Bravery!’

This refreshing seasonal beer is brewed on the battlefield of Waterloo, at the Mont-Saint-Jean farm. Its colour is blonde-combined with its light and delicate foam, the beer provides a real sensation of freshness.

Golden hazy with good white creamy head. Spicy herbal aroma. Refreshing taste of some sourness with touch of sweet, followed by good remaining bitterness. Well remarkable coriander, citrusy and herbal notes.

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