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Grimbergen Abbey Cheese edges +/- 350g
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Grimbergen Abbey Cheese edges +/- 350g - GRIMBERGEN abbey cheese Character, Belgian cheese from a semi-hard Grimbergen abbey. Sweet cheese with a slight nutty taste ... +/- 350 gr..
Grimbergen Blond 6.7°-1/3L
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Grimbergen Blond 6.7° - delivery worldwide - this beer is produced by Alken-Maes. Originally, the Grimbergen was brewed by the monks in the Abbaye de Grimbergen for centuries; the recipe is actually more than 900 years old! This beer is relatively basic but has been a reference product in terms of widely-consumed Belgian beers for years. It pours a clear gold colour topped by a rich and dense head in cream colour. The beer challenges the nose with malty and relatively fruity aromas with hints reminiscent of spices such as cloves.
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Grimbergen Dubbel 6.5°-1/3L
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Grimbergen Dubbel - delivery worldwide - is a Belgian Abbaye beer brewed by the  Alken-Maes brewery in partnership with Grimbergen Abbey, north of Brussels. Brown with red highlights, Grimbergen Double is a top-fermented beer, brewed using twice as much malt as its blonde sister giving it its name and dark colour.
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Grimbergen Triple 9°-1/3L
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Grimbergen Triple 9° - delivery worldwide - The Grimbergen Triple is a Belgian beer brewed by the Alken-Maes brewery, in partnership with Abbaye de Grimbergen, north of Brussels. It is what is known as an "Abbey Beer", brewed with high fermentation and then re-fermented in the bottle due to the addition of candied sugar and yeast.
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Grimbergen Winter - Hiver 6.5° - 1/3L
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Grimbergen Winter - Hiver 6.5°is produced by Alken-Maes brewery. With this Grimbergen Winter, the Belgian brewery offers us an authentic winter product. Brewed only for the winter season, you will find this beer only during the winter months ... So, enjoy!
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Grimbergen Astrum Pale Ale 6,0° - 1/3L
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Inspired by the fathers who work at Grimbergen's famous observatory MIRA, our brewmasters have searched the world's farthest corners in the hunt for exactly the hop that best makes our novelty sparkle.
The mild and delicious malt taste is lifted in the encounter with the large fruity notes of Papaya, passion fruit and gooseberry. The sweetness and bitterness are elegantly balanced and offer a lively and refreshing taste and a clean and crisp aftertaste.
The beer's perfect balance makes it extremely suitable for BBQ. Its refreshing properties go well with fried fish, while the bitterness goes well with most cheeses, both firm and soft
Grimbergen Magnum Opus Brut 8,0° - 1/3L
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Magnus Opus gives an elegant and festive impression solely by its crystal clear appearance and golden sparkling liveliness. But it certainly does not get worse by the fact that it contains delicate fruity notes of pear, orange, apple, vanilla on a delicious base of golden malts.
A complex lively brew with a delicate, almost perfumed floral scent. Discreet malt character and light fruity notes of pear, orange and apple. Crispy, refreshing mouthfeel and a clean dry aftertaste.
The vinous dry balance makes Magnum Opus perfect for everything good from the sea, not least seafood and fish served with alloy sauce. The elegant liveliness makes it an obvious candidate for festive dishes such as canapés with air-dried ham etc.
Grimbergen Ignis Quadruple 10,0° - 1/3L
Ignis Quadruple is inspired by the story of the fathers' indomitable reconstruction of what the flames took. Just like the monastery, the beer is a symbol of the strength of the fathers, their courage and their ability to look ahead.
Generous notes of malt, oak, caramel and hazelnuts, supported by a dark warming fruitiness inspired by the monastery's conservatory.
The strong dark fruitiness goes well with venison and simmering food, while the beer's smoke notes make it ideal for cold-smoked meat and fish such as smoked salmon or halibut.
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