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Buy-Achat-Purchase - Angelica Root in 1Kg (2.2LB) bag - Brewing Spices -
  • Buy-Achat-Purchase - Angelica Root in 1Kg (2.2LB) bag - Brewing Spices -

Angelica Root in 1Kg (2.2LB) bag

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Angelica Root - essential oil mainly composed of monoterpenes ((α- et β- pinene, sabinene, limonene, terpine-4-ol, …)

- catechin tannins

- invert sugar

- flavonoïds (amentoflavone), leucoanthocyanidins


Angelica Root in 1 kg bag

Properties For gin-like notes in beer, earthy and spicy flavour Usage Specialty amber beers, dubbels Produced by Fagron NV, Belgium Country of origin Cf certificate Best use before Cf label Main storage conditions (T°, …) Shielded from light and moisture Information on label Sales Name Yes List of ingredients No Ingredients quantities or categories (expressed as percentage) No Nett quantity Yes Date of minimum durability Yes Specific storage conditions or use Yes Manufacturer name and address Yes Origin No Instructions for use No Alcoholic titration No Identification (batch nr.) Yes Transport conditions (T°, …) Transport at room temperature, shielded from light and moisture