A long-standing tradition in Belgium... the right glass for the right beer. Each brewery in Belgium produces a signature glass that complements the style and quality of their beer. The shape and volume of the glass enhances the experience and provides the proper nose for each session. Beer in Belgium is more of an experience than it is a beverage. It's the fabulous beer in front of you, the food it's served with and the glass it's in - and every beer has its glass. Pubs with 300 beers have 300 different glasses. Why use an authentic glass? Glass shape can greatly affect aromatic presentation, head formation, even how well carbonation will be sustained. The ideal in these areas varies from beer to beer thus so do the glasses. 

In Belgium, during the nineteenth and the twentieth century, thousands of breweries have emerged and most of them disappeared again.... after a few years of activity. Of course both World Wars were a disaster for the smaller breweries. But what lasted, were their glasses, beer mats, signs, trays...a.s.o... They make you imagine about their past, the people who worked for these breweries and the taste of this long gone ales.