Cask beer: Open the tap but do not let the first jet of froth go into the glass. Fill the glass all in one go. First tip it to one side and then hold it up right again under the tap. The froth should flow over the sides. Skim off with a knife held at an angle. Rinse the outside of the glass. 

   Thirst-quenching beer: Pour the beer all in one go. Tip the glass slightly to one side and then raise it gradually to an upright position. Let the froth flow over the sides and then skim off the surface bubbles of the froth with a clean knife. Rinse the outside of the glass.

   Gourmet beer: Serve the beer slowly so as to create a creamy froth. Leave some beer in the bottle so the glass can be topped up afterwards. For beers that are refermented in the bottle, leave the yeast deposit in the bottom of the bottle and present the bottle with the glass.