Pairing beer with food is always fun, but you should also consider beer to be the sauce of life, as it both complements and enhances flavors and your overall enjoyment of food.

   Not only can you pair beer with food, but you can also cook with beer: Add it to sauces, marinades and dressings; create a hearty stock for soups and stews; give flavorful moisture to grilled and roasted meats; use it to steam seafood and veggies or drizzle over fruits and desserts. The possibilities are literally endless, and the use of beer as an ingredient will without a doubt bring depth to your food and a new outlook on cooking.

   "The Beer Diet" is something you and your friends might have joked about, but there are actual books on the market that focus on cutting carbs to lose weight and then slowly increasing the carb intake. As beer contains carbs (from the grains) - low levels in comparison to other foods and beverages - some suggest that you can enjoy full-flavored and full-bodied beers by making them a part of your diet. So screw lite beers! And for the record, beer is not fattening.