PerfectDraft® is an exciting system which combines a high-quality appliance and consumer-preferred beer brands in light metal kegs, delivering the great taste of draught beer in the comfort of one's own home. 

Bringing the great taste of draught beer into the home is a consumer need AB-Inbev clearly identified. Consumers can experience perfect draught beer in their homes, enjoying a delicious glass of their preferred beer freshly drawn from PerfectDraft®. This system has been developed jointly by Ab-Inbev, a leading global company in the brewing industry, and by Philips, whose previous successful partnerships, based on extensive research on changing consumer behavior, have brought new experiences to peoples' homes. 

PerfectDraft® is a appliance with a real tap handle, internal cooling system, pump, and 6-liter light metal keg. PerfectDraft® keeps beer at the optimal conditions at a constant temperature of 3° C. Once installed, the beer stays fresh for 4 weeks. PerfectDraft® is suitable for a variety of different brands in AB-Inbev's portfolio.