Since chocolate made its debut in Belgium, it was considered the perfect gift. In 1912, the Belgian confectionary created the praline, a filled, bite-size chocolate which perfectly suited its gift vocation. To protect the delicate nature of the praline, an adequate packaging was patented under the name of “Ballotin.” Ever since, Belgian manufacturers have expended endless time and energy in perfecting their creations, resulting in the supremely exquisite confections we know and love today. Belgian manufacturers take care to select the best cocoa and the finest ingredients in order to produce the Belgian chocolate and praline, filling. The superior quality of the chocolate is determined by the choice of cocoa seeds and the quality of the components, which give it its unique scent, color, flavor and texture. The Belgian artisan fashions almost all of the pralines by hand, especially the decoration. It becomes a unique article as he gives a personal touch, honed and perfected by years of experience, to all of his creations.