Do you know that.....After beer has been brewed, it can still be improved through maturation. The taste ripens. The liquid clarifies as yeast and other particles settle. Secondary fermentation saturates the beer with carbon dioxide. Further filtering gives the beer a sparkling clarity. Then the beer is ready for packaging - in kegs, cans or bottles. Filling techniques ensure air does not come into contact with the beer, and cannot be trapped within the container. The process is fully automatic and fast. Bottles are filled, capped, labelled and crated at a rate of up to 100,000 bottles an hour.

   The final excellence of the beer you drink depends on you. We advise drinking the beer as fresh as possible, serving it at the right temperature, in clean glasses, and properly poured - tilting the glass until it is half full to avoid foam, then straightening up to achieve a good frothy head. Good health.