Solid chocolate and filled chocolate should not be savoured in the same way. Solid chocolate should be taken in small pieces, put on the tongue and left to melt. This allows, on the one hand, for the taster to see if the flavours release themselves, and on the other hand, to see if it really melts. If the chocolate is not balanced, for example, if there is not enough cocoa butter, then it will not melt. Afterwards, the chocolate should be lightly passed between the tongue and the palate to ascertain if it has been sufficiently ground to give a fine texture (the palate and the tongue can feel from 60 microns, but no finer). In Belgium, chocolate is ground down to 30, even 20 microns to be certain that no grains can be felt. In contrast, a filled chocolate should be bitten into several times, so that the chocolate shell is mixed with the interior filling, thus making it possible to appreciate the balance that the chocolate-maker has tried to create.