Rinse the glass with cold water. Open the bottle. Hold the bottle in one hand and the glass in the other. The bottle and glass should never touch. Pour the beer gently into glass. When it is half full, gradually bring the glass into an upright position. Pour the beer faster, so that you have a head approximately two fingers in height. Let the remaining foam run down the sides of the glass. 

Top the head with a perfectly clean knife held at an angle. This will remove the large bubbles in the foam and ensure that the head lasts longer. Dry the bottom of the glass with a sponge or place it on a beer mat. The beer is now ready to be served, on a beer mat, of course. 

Most special beer glasses have stems and must be perfectly dry before the beer is poured. Pour the beer in the same manner as a refreshing beer. Gradually increase the distance between the bottle and glass, so as to make a good head. However, the glass should be filled to the brim and the remaining beer should be left in the bottle. Topping is unnecessary. Guests may also pour their own beer. If there is any sediment in the bottle, it is best to leave it there, although it has no adverse effect on the taste. Hold the stem to present the glass. This will prevent its temperature from being raised. You should hand the bottle to your guest at the same time, with the label facing the guest. Place the glass on a beer mat.