Guylian is a Belgian chocolate manufacturer founded by Guy Foubert in 1958. The company takes its name from the combination of Foubert's first name with that of his wife, Liliane. Guylian is perhaps most well-known for their production of chocolate Sea Shells praline with different fillings. Guylian has been the major sustaining sponsor of Project Seahorse since 1999.

In 2008, Japanese-Korean Lotte Confectionery bought the company for $164 million.

Born in 1938, the son of a Sint-Niklaas baker, Foubert developed his skills at the Antwerp School of Confectionery and Patisserie in Belgium. During his schooling, Foubert was already selling hand-made chocolate truffles on the local market.

The chocolaterie Guylian was founded in 1958 and the name "Guylian" was formed as a portmanteau from the first names of Guy and Liliane Foubert. They started with a small production unit at home, producing pralines and chocolate truffles that were sold to local chocolate shops.

In March 2005, Guylian established a Guinness World Record by building the world's largest chocolate sculpture of an Easter egg on the market square in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. Twenty-six Guylian master chocolatiers worked continuously for eight days to create this chocolate egg. The sculpture measured 8.32 metres (27.3 ft) high and 6.39 metres (21.0 ft) wide and was constructed using 1,950 kilograms (4,300 lb) of chocolate or about 50,000 chocolate Sea Shell Bars.