Galler is an official supplier of chocolate to the Royal Court of Belgium! Taste Galler's delicious Belgian chocolates and you will know why. 

Jean Galler founded his chocolate factory in 1976 in Liège, Belgium in the backroom of his father's pastry shop. The family-business grew fast as Galler introduced unique artisinal Praline-filled bars made with exquisite all-natural ingredients. In 1994, Jean Galler became the official Belgian Royal Warrant Holder for his chocolate products. 

Today, they employ 75 artists who design, produce and market their truly unique line of all-natural, high-quality Belgian chocolate-filled bars, tablets and chocolate "Cat's Tongues". Galler enjoys a worldwide reputation for drawing the delicate flavors and rich quality from the exotic regions between the equator and the tropics, where the finest cocoa is grown. 

"It is the rare things in life which are precious. That is why the Galler range of filled chocolates is regarded as such a rare breed... like those precious butterflies sought after in exotic climes." 

The first Galler chocolate bar appeared in 1976: the famous Milk Praliné. Today the selection comprises 25 varieties. 

Chocolate tablets: In 1993, Galler was the first to launch onto the Belgian market a chocolate made of 70% cacao-a very high level of cacao. Thanks to two years of research, neither acidity nor bitterness detract from the luscious taste of this chocolate. Chocolate fragrances will linger in your palate minutes after you savor the tablets. 

And the range of Galler chocolates doesn’t stop here.