Trappist monasteries and abbeys in Belgium have long understood the relationship between beer and cheese, often adding the factor of bread into the equation. Beer and cheese are the end products of grains and grasses – directly, as in the brewing of beer, or indirectly, as critical factors that affect the production and flavor of milk used in the processing of cheese. Both have a period of resting or fermentation. Both have an affinity of melding flavors and aromas that yield an air of seduction to your palate. There are only four basic categories of cheese, with sub-sets within these categories, and hundreds of varieties listed in each category. During a lifetime, you may only be exposed to a handful of these stunning varieties. You may be certain, however, that the marriage between beer and cheese is sweeter and more natural than any other relationship on the planet. You will want to select beer with compatible flavors, based on the mild or pungent qualities of the cheese. Milder cheeses, for example, merge better with a wheat or framboise. The stronger cheeses can handle a robust stout, porter, or barleywine. Get out your silver serving-tray and your crystal beer tasting-glasses to begin your journey into the fascinating territory of a beer and cheese night! Source: BellaOnline