Originating from Belgium in 1883, this chocolate is made from cocoa beans from the Gold Coast of Africa. Elephants were used in the old days to haul the cocoa beans. 

Translated from French, Cote d'Or means Gold Coast. Côte d'Or chocolate was first made in Belgium over 100 years ago, using cocoa beans from this Cote d'Or region. Back in 1883, the native elephant was used to transport the cocoa beans through the dense tropical jungle. 

The elephant would haul the precious cocoa beans through the mountainous terrain to the coast where they could be loaded and shipped to the Côte d'Or factory in Belgium. Here the world's finest chocolate was made in a tradition still upheld today. 

Nothing less than the finest cocoa beans were, and still are, used for Cote d'Or chocolate. The elephant was honoured on a postal stamp soon after 1883 in recognition for a job well done. In 1937, Cote d'Or honoured the elephant with the creation of the world famous bouchee, fondly known as the little elephant chocolate.