A top fermented, full-bodied, real beer, BRUGSE TRIPEL owes its original taste to a subtle blend of top quality malt, aromatic hops and pure, crystal clear water drawn from the brewery's own wells. These ingredients are brewed slowly to caramelise the malt sugars which give the beer its unique taste.
The top fermentation is furthered by ageing the beer in casks before it is bottled. This puts the brewer's patience to the test, as he has to wait another three weeks before the beer tastes just right. Real connoisseurs of speciality beers brewed according to traditional methods will simply love this beer. BRUGSE TRIPEL contains 9 % alcohol. it is stored at a temperature of 5 to 10 °C and served at 10 °C. BRUGSE TRIPEL can be enjoyed in 33 cl and in magnum (1.5 L) bottles in the typical Bruges packaging. The beer tastes perfect when it leaves the brewery. In the words of Michael Jackson: "Genuine BRUGSE TRIPEL has a rich golden colour and a generous malty character, with warming alcohol, an aromatic hoppy savour and a highly complex blend of tastes". 33 cl bottles are stored standing and are served as they come. Magnum bottles with champagne corks are stored lying down and are served with a good head of foam. Sometimes, a little yeast is perceptible to the taste buds. There is no need to worry, because yeast is healthy: pure vitamin B ! Brewed with passion and aged with care: "A DELIGHT FOR THE DISCRIMINATING PALATE" !
Brugse Tripel is an amber-coloured, top-fermented beer which has a 9 % alcohol by volume. It offers a full malty taste and a mild, aromatic finish. It is served in the appropriate glass at a temperature between 8 and 12 °C.