"Trappiste de Rochefort" is a top-fermented dark beer. It is brewed and decanted within the Saint-Rémy abbey in Rochefort. The small dimensions of the Brewery enable the Trappist monks and their brewery workers to keep total control over the manufacturing process. The craftsmanship that goes into brewing the beer is much appreciated by discerning drinkers! 

It is a beer that is made from nothing but natural products: spring water, malt, hops, sugar. Yeast provides the fermentation. 

The Trappist monks at Rochefort brew three special beers, 6 (= 7.5%) - 8 (9.2%) and 10 (11.3%). With secondary fermentation in the bottle, Trappiste de Rochefort releases all of its flavour when served in a specially shaped glass at a temperature of 12 to 14 degrees Centigrade. It is then up to you to make your own personal assessment of the individual flavours of the various Rochefort Trappist beers! 

Only those products manufactured within the confines of a Trappist abbey, under the watchful eye of the community living there have the right to bear the label of Trappist authenticity. It is an ‘appellation’ that is strictly monitored. 


The Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy abbey in Rochefort was founded in 1230. It belongs to the Cistercian Order of Strict Observance and is called Trappist on account of its historical links with the La Trappe abbey in France, and the role it played in the reform of the Cistercian Order in the 17th century. 

Living from its work and using it as an opportunity to provide relief for many social needs, the monastic community of Saint-Rémy opted to ply its business skills within the food market. As a result, it has for centuries been producing a beer whose fame has spread far and wide. Production is voluntarily restricted. This high-quality brew should be enjoyed with wisdom and soberness; in so doing, it can then promote sharing and friendship. 

The monastery itself cannot be visited, but the abbey’s church is open to anyone whose wishes to go there.