Deus Brut des Flandres, is an innovative beer from the Belgian brewery Bosteels. Deus should be pronounced like ‘DAY-ews’. Take a look at the bottle and label, and you'll see it bears a remarkable resemblance to the prestige cuvee of the Moët et Chandon. 

It is a spiced ale. Deus is made much like Champagne. After bottling, the remaining yeast allows it to undergo a secondary fermentation, which helps develop its complex aroma and flavor. Then, like Champagne, the sediment is forced to rest in the neck of the bottle, then removed through freezing. 

Drink it ice cold, and it goes down crisp and bubbly, like Champagne. This one poured a light yellow in color with an orangish hue. The carbonation was just furious, as you would expect from the style. The head was just incredible. It came up like champagne but then showed the retention of a strong Belgian beer. What an amazing combination. It was thicker than thick. I’m sure I could have stood a dime on top of it. 

From Brouwerij Bosteels, the brewery that gave us Kwak and Tripel Karmeliet, comes this striking golden Triple which is transported to the Champagne region of France after lagering and there treated in similar fashion while cave-aged, including been "turned" regularly. Pierre Celis' Grottenbier was the first beer so treated and Bosteel was beaten to the punch in its own home town by De Landtsheer's Malheur Brut, but DeuS,presented in bottles similar to those used for Dom Perignon, appears to be the one which has caught popular attention. It pours carbonated and foamy, with a nose that is both champagne-like and yet still with that malty beer aroma. DeuS is delicate and effervesecent on the tongue with overtones of fruit, mint and licorice.