The sleep in what regards its quality and duration depends on various factors, such as taken food, tiredness, genetic factors, stress, the quality of the mattress etc. But alcohol is also a factor that has an influence the sleeping pattern. There is a belief alcohol before bedtime has a relaxing effect. Sure, if one would stick to just one glass, then it cannot do any harm as a nightcap. Though, according to researchers more glasses of alcohol before bed will disturb the night’s sleep.

Alcohol has indeed a sleep-inducing effect, but the good sleep has too short a duration: usually only 3 to 4 hours. Normal sleep is disturbed afterwards. In the worst case scenario you wake up and stay awake. In any case, your sleep is less deep after excessive alcohol consumption: so you feel less fit when you wake up the next morning.

In long run alcohol consumption before sleeping can also cause insomniaAs well persons who sleep poorly because of apnoea that is transient cessation of breathing during sleep, could aggravate their condition by taking alcohol.