Belgian wheat (Wit) beers have been brewed since many centuries. Fertile Brabant region was the place where wheat beers were firstly produced. From that region it was exported to the other parts of Flanders, Wallonia, France and Holland.

   An authentic wheat beer must be prepared out of wheat malt (at least 25%) in combination with barley malt. The last Belgian Wit also uses small amounts of oats and is called Wittekerke. The word Wittekerke means White Church, as Witte means White and Kerke means Church. Wittekerke can be combined with fresh salad, spicy carpachio or scallops. Wittekerke has slight flavors of lemon and is the fruitiest of all Belgian Wits. The drink is refreshing, pleasant and light in alcohol with a perfect white head. Belgian consumers rated Wittekerke two years as the best Belgian Wit.