The main chemical released to give us the elated physical feelings of being in love is phenylethylamin-- PEA for short. PEA is related to amphetamines and is found in our most-beloved vegetable, chocolate. This is one of the chemicals that make our heart race, hands sweat, and pupils dilate, and gives us "butterflies" in the stomach. Adrenaline is also released, speeding up our heart, making us alert, and helping us feel great. Along with that are the endorphins, which remind me of joyous, leaping dolphins. Endorphins build our immune system and cure our colds. Remember the melting kiss? When we kissed, our brains made a rapid chemical analysis of each other's saliva, and arrived at a conclusion of our genetic compatibility. The female's brain also made chemical determinations about the state of the man's immune system. If we're going to make babies, we want him around for the duration.

   All this positive chemical reaction explains why people in love have been shown to have better health and are much less likely to contract an illness than those who are not. Being in love is usually great for your health. While we're searching for that special partner, we eat chocolate.