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Couque de Dinant 125G - Poisson (Collard)

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Couque de Dinant - Fish, is "The specialty of Dinant". Delivered worldwide, the Couque de Dinant (English: Cake of Dinant) is an extremely hard, sweet biscuit native to the southern Belgian city of Dinant in Wallonia.

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Couque de Dinant 125G - Ppoisson (Collard)

Due to their extreme hardness and fairly large size, couques de Dinant are not intended to be bitten into directly. They are instead broken into fragments and can then be bitten, sucked, left to melt in the mouth or be soaked in coffee. Couques de Dinant have been traditionally given to babies during teething.

While Dinant bakeries see large sales over the summer season due to tourists, consumption of couques is highest near Saint Nicholas Day in December. At that time of year, they are sold and eaten all over Belgium.


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