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Chimay Cheese "HIVER"

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Chimay Cheese "HIVER" - A real and typed perfume, a smooth paste, an orange rind covered with a milky down, a creamy and a fondant unparalleled. Winter cheese reserve

to the taste buds a wonderful bouquet of aromas of hazelnut, enhanced by a note typed at the end of the mouth.

On sale from September to February.

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Chimay Cheese "HIVER"

A unique cheese washed with Chimay Trappist beer, it is produced using the good fresh and creamy milk of the Chimay countryside.

It presents a delicious apricot-peach taste enriched by a hint of bitterness.

Savour and experience this cheese with all of your senses:

Look at its natural rind washed in Chimay Trappist beer.

Sense its authentic odour of the cellar. Feel its supple and unctuous texture.

Taste its delicate aroma of hops and its apricot-peach scent. Take pleasure With this delicious aromatic dessert: Chimay Red flambée with pears and Chimay à la Bière.

Ingredients: pasteurized cow's milk (Belgium), salt, rennet, lactic ferments


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