Special beers

There are many beers with different characters, whether due to their flavour, level of alcohol, region of production, colour, etc. One might think that the belong to no category. In reality, there are all placed in a category know as " Belgian Specials" , a bit of a catch-all, but distinguished by the fact that these beers are found only in Belgium.

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  • ABV %: 6°-8° clear
  • Beer Style: Scotch Ale clear
Gordon Finest Scotch Highland 8.6° - 1/3L
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Gordon Finest Scotch Highland is brewed by John Martin brewery. First marketed in France under the name of Douglas, this beer now goes by the name of Gordon Finest Scotch. This is a Belgian beer with a unique pedigree: when an Anglo-Saxon brewer migrated to the kingdom of Belgium, the result was a blend of English and Belgian brewing styles.
Gordon Xmas 8.8° - 1/3L
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Brewed by John Martin brewery, and delivered worldwide, Gordon Christmas  starts the tradition of Christmas brews. To accompany Christmas dinners and New Year evenings, it dons its party clothes, while its marrowy foam melts in the mouth as the white flakes on a red background tickle the nose. Never forget to put it under the Christmas tree !
Scotch Silly 8°-1/3L
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Scotch Silly 8°is brewed by Silly brewery, and is delivered worldwide. Silly Scotch was born from a unique tradition and, throughout the years, has grown into a reference beer for its particular style. Its lovely red colour with more than a hint of copper is hidden below a beige head. Its complex aromas breathe the scent of brioche accompanied by raisins, fruit jam and fresh raspberry. This is a generous, full-mouthed beer reminiscent of a liqueur. The initial, most striking impressions are those of honey and caramel. The flavours of prunes and roast malt come through in the finish. There is a refreshing aftertaste.
Scotch C.T.S 7.2° - 1/4L
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Scotch C.T.S 7.2° - 1/4L - delivery worldwide - discount following quantities purchased.