Special beers

There are many beers with different characters, whether due to their flavour, level of alcohol, region of production, colour, etc. One might think that the belong to no category. In reality, there are all placed in a category know as " Belgian Specials" , a bit of a catch-all, but distinguished by the fact that these beers are found only in Belgium.

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MAGNUM BIG CHOUFFE 8° - 1.5L - delivery worldwide - La Chouffe and its famous goblin in a bottle big enough to share with several other people!  The Big Chouffe Edition is the Magnum version of the famous blond beer La Chouffe.
MAGNUM Duvel 8.5° - 1.5L
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MAGNUM Duvel 8.5° - 1.5L - delivery worldwide - is brewed by Moortgat brewery. Duvel is a natural beer with a subtle bitterness, a refined flavour and a distinctive hop character. The unique brewing process, which takes about 90 days, guarantees a pure character, delicate effervescence and a pleasant sweet taste of alcohol.
MAGNUM Goliath Tripel 9° - 1.5L
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Brewed by Brassrie des Légendes, Goliath Tripel is a giant of a beer, both in terms of its stature, and its quality. Awarded the title of Best Belgian Wallon Blonde 2012, this 9% behemoth is making a name for itself.
MAGNUM Gulden Draak 10.5° - 1.5L
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Gulden Draak 10.5° is the Top beer from Van Steenberge brewery. This beer is delivered worldwide.  Gulden Draak is a truly remarkable Belgian Dark Ale with hints of Barley Wine and a warm, fruity caramel malt character that complement the big body and generous alcohol content perfectly.
MAGNUM Karmeliet Triple 8°-1L5
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MAGNUM Karmeliet Triple 8°-1L5 - delivery worldwide - Karmeliet Tripel 8°, brewed at Bosteels brewery, is delivered worldwide. Triple Karmeliet is one of the greats among Belgian beer. With a recipe unchanged since 1679, this top-fermented, bottle-conditioned Belgian Pale Ale has only ever been brewed with three cereals - barley, wheat and oats - of the highest quality.